Kouryaku Wanted!: Isekai Sukuimasu!?

Othername: Zanting! Rang Wo Cha Gonglue, Pause! Let Me Check the Walkthrough First, 攻略うぉんてっど!~異世界救います!?~
Status: Ongoing
Release: 2022
Added Date: 2023-11-25 00:42:34
Total Episode: 8
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About: Kouryaku Wanted!: Isekai Sukuimasu!?

Because of a mistake in the summoning process, 30-year-old social animal Liu Yinuo was accidentally summoned into the game world. In order to return to reality as soon as possible, Liu Yinuo began to assist the 18-year-old "brave" Tian Enya to save the world. With his excellent cognition, Yinuo, who was originally a high-player, was like a duck to water in another world. Enya also grew from a wayward little girl to a mature and reliable big girl.

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