Toaru Ossan No VRMMO Katsudouki

Othername: とあるおっさんのVRMMO活動記 ; A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log
Type:Fall 2023 Anime
Status: Ongoing
Release: 2023
Added Date: 2023-11-21 02:14:12
Total Episode: 8
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About: Toaru Ossan No VRMMO Katsudouki

A new type of VRMMO called "One More Free Life Online" is out. He logs in as a young boy avatar called "Earth". Taichi Tanaka (38, single) has a regular office job and enjoys playing video games in his free time. In a world where the player is free to do as they wish, he decides to master a skill that's been deemed to be useless! He makes potions that are too much of a hassle to make, cooks food that is excessively too good, and uses bizarre original weapons to hunt monsters...

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