Wulin Buer Zhoukan

Othername: The Martial Weekly, 武林不二周刊
Status: Ongoing
Release: 2023
Added Date: 2023-06-27 11:53:43
Total Episode: 23
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About: Wulin Buer Zhoukan

The Huajian Sect, which was once famous in the martial arts world, is facing the disappearance of the head, a huge amount of money owed to the bankruptcy crisis. Acting Head of Huajian Sect, Hua Xiangrong, regained the signboard of “The Martial Weekly”, reporting major events and circumstances in the martial world; in the past, there were affectionate, rich and handsome, and later, there was amnesia and beauty; Although the work in the martial world is not easy, it is fortunate that a group of people work together to overcome difficulties! We are unique, we are unique! Passing warrior, to a new weekly.

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