Despicable Me 4 Movie Free Download 2024

The Despicable Me franchise, beloved by audiences worldwide, is set to return with its fourth installment, Despicable Me 4, promising more laughs, heartfelt moments, and of course, the mischievous antics of the Minions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what we can expect from this eagerly anticipated sequel, set to hit theaters on July 3, 2024.

Despicable Me 4 Movie Download
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Plot and Story

Despicable Me 4 continues the adventures of Gru, his family, and the Minions. This time, Gru faces his most personal challenge yet: fatherhood. The plot revolves around Gru’s struggles and adventures as a father to his son, Gru Jr., while also dealing with his duties as an agent of the Anti-Villain League.

Gru and his family are forced to go on the run when they become targets of the escaped criminal Maxime Le Mal and his girlfriend, Valentina. This new dynamic introduces fresh comedic and dramatic elements as Gru juggles his professional and personal life. The Minions, ever loyal and hilariously unpredictable, join Gru in this adventure, ensuring plenty of chaos and fun​.


The movie brings back many familiar voices, along with some exciting new additions:

  • Steve Carell returns as Gru, the reformed supervillain turned family man.
  • Kristen Wiig reprises her role as Lucy Wilde, Gru’s wife and fellow Anti-Villain League agent.
  • Pierre Coffin once again voices the Minions, bringing their quirky charm to life.
  • Miranda Cosgrove voices Margo, Gru’s eldest adopted daughter.
  • Dana Gaier returns as Edith, the middle child.
  • Madison Skyy Polan joins the cast as the voice of Agnes, the youngest daughter, replacing Nev Scharrel.
  • Steve Coogan returns as Silas Ramsbottom, the former director of the Anti-Villain League.

New characters include:

  • Will Ferrell as Maxime Le Mal, the main antagonist.
  • Sofía Vergara as Valentina, Maxime’s girlfriend.
  • Joey King, Stephen Colbert, and Chloe Fineman also join the cast in undisclosed roles​.
Despicable Me 4 Movie Download for free
Screenshot from Official Trailer – YouTube


Despicable Me 4 is directed by Chris Renaud, who helmed the first two films in the series. He is joined by co-director Patrick Delage, an animator from the previous films making his directorial debut. The script is penned by Mike White, adding his unique touch to the franchise.

The film’s music is composed by Heitor Pereira, with Pharrell Williams co-composing and writing new songs, ensuring the movie’s soundtrack will be as memorable as its predecessors​.


While specific budget details for Despicable Me 4 have not been publicly disclosed, the production values are expected to match or exceed those of the previous films. Given the success and scale of the franchise, the budget will likely reflect the high expectations of both the studio and the audience.

Despicable Me 4 Movie Trailer
Screenshot from Official Trailer – YouTube

Marketing and Release

The first trailer for Despicable Me 4 was released on January 28, 2024, during the NFL playoff championship games. The trailer showcased the struggles of Gru as a father and the introduction of new characters, generating significant buzz. A second trailer followed on May 7, 2024, highlighting more of the film’s comedic elements and new musical tracks by Pharrell Williams​​.

Despicable Me 4 is set to dominate the box office, being the only major animated release in early July 2024. Its release on July 3 positions it perfectly for a strong opening, with minimal competition from other family-friendly films​.

Despicable Me 4 Movie
Screenshot from Official Trailer – YouTube

Movie Download

As with previous installments, Despicable Me 4 will eventually be available for digital download and streaming. Universal Pictures, which releases Illumination’s movies, has a distribution deal with Netflix. After an initial exclusive window on Peacock, the film will move to Netflix, ensuring fans can easily access the movie from home.

Specific dates for digital release and streaming availability will be announced closer to the theatrical release​.

Key Highlights

Key HighlightDetails
Release DateJuly 3, 2024
PlotGru juggles fatherhood and his duties as an Anti-Villain League agent. He and his family go on the run when targeted by Maxime Le Mal and Valentina​.
Main CharactersGru (Steve Carell), Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig), the Minions (Pierre Coffin), Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), Agnes (Madison Skyy Polan), Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan)​ .
New CharactersMaxime Le Mal (Will Ferrell), Valentina (Sofía Vergara), Poppy Prescott (Joey King), Patsy Prescott (Chloe Fineman), Perry Prescott (Stephen Colbert)​.
DirectorChris Renaud (returning director), co-directed by Patrick Delage.
WriterMike White​.
MusicComposed by Heitor Pereira and Pharrell Williams, with new songs written by Pharrell​.
Trailer ReleaseFirst trailer on January 28, 2024, and second trailer on May 7, 2024​.
BudgetNot disclosed, expected to match or exceed previous films.
MarketingSignificant buzz with trailers released during major sports events and featuring popular music​.
Movie DownloadAvailable on Peacock first, then on Netflix, following the theatrical release​.

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